Decrease/increase is an easy and an often used adjustment. Here is shown a decreasing of the sideseam, but in case you need to increase, the opposite is done.

This adjustment is often used in combination with other adjustments, as it is limited how much can be removed in the sideseam while the dress still fits nicely. 

NOTE! The dress has pleats and when de/increasing in the sideseam, these pleats has to be adjusted as well.

Place pins where there is too much fabric.

Mark your pins, with a pen, and draw lines on the sample with a ruler. This way is the easiest way to see how much fabric should be removed from the pattern.

1. Work with the whole upper part.  

  • Transfer all the lines from the sample to the paper pattern. This is done by measuring on the sample and then marking the lines on the pattern. The new lines are indicated with red, like illustrated below.
  • Now cut the red lines.