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This blouse is lightly shaped and had a small raglan sleeve. This version has a small neckband. 

Find your size:

The picture shows a size 38/10/6. Determine your size by measuring your chest and compare the measurement to the chart on your pattern. 

Fabric choice:

This model is made of a thin Isoli, but a heavy jersey can also be used. 

You will need:

NOTE! for this blouse i have used to kind of fabric

  • Fabric 1, width 140 cm.
    • EU 34-42/UK 6-14/US 2-10       0,7 mtr.
    • EU 44-48/UK 16-20/US 12-16   1,2 mtr.
  • Fabric 2, width 110/140 cm.
    • EU 34-48/UK 6-20/US 2-16       0,5 mtr.
  • Thread


To get the best result, I recommend you always sew a sample, before cutting in the desired fabric. However for this particular model it is not necessary.

Cutting fabric:

På mønsterdelene finder du markeringer med store bogstaver. Det finder du ligeledes på klippevejledningen. På den måde kan du se, hvilke dele du skal bruge til din version.

klippevejledning kastrup version 3.png

Sewing directions:

NOTE! All pattern parts are incl. 1 CM (3/8 INCH) Seam allowance, unless anything else is noted. If more seam allowance is desired you can do so by adding.

NOTE! When overlocking, remember to cut 2 mm of with the blade of the machine. 

1.  Cut out all the pieces

Sew blouse: 

2.  Overlock/zig zag the side pieces together with CF pieces, the right side of fabric facing each other. Pin the pieces according to the notched indicated on the pattern.

3.  Overlock/zig zag the side seam together. 

4.  Sew front and back sleeve together in the shoulder seam, right side facing each other.  

5.  Fold the sleeves together and press.  

6.  Overlock/zig zag the sleeves onto the top, NOTE! Be aware front and back sleeve. 

7.  Sew sleeve band onto the armhole, it has to stop 1 cm above sleeve on wrong side of fabric. NOTE! The sleeve band is shorter than the sleeve hole.

8.  Make a small stitch on the sleeve edge to keep it in place. 

9.  Overlock/zig zag the two short sides on the neck band into a ring and fold the neck band.

10.  Pin the neck band in the neck line. The neck band is shorter than the neckline. Pull slightly in the edge while sewing the neckband.

11.  For the hemline a raw edge is chosen. This is done by cutting the edge straight all the way around.